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'Best fishing in the world, right here at Palfrey Lake!' - Mark Briggs, Massachusetts

Ross and a Bass

New Brunswick has achieved international acclaim for its fishing opportunities. Some of the most sought after fish are the Atlantic Salmon and the Smallmouth Bass.

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Palfrey Lake and Spednic Lake cover an area of 17, 219 acres (68 square km) and have a shoreline of 300 miles (504 km). One can only imagine what kind of fishing playground this is! You have easy access to the lakes right from the Lodge. You can rent motor boats and canoes, or you can bring your own boat. If you are new to the area, we can guide you on your fishing outings on the lakes.

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Anglers catch a wide variety of fish, including landlocked salmon, trout, togue, smallmouth bass, white & yellow perch, chain pickerel and many others. Smallmouth bass fishing is extremely popular in southwestern New Brunswick. Our waters yield many trophies and many anglers state that the province has one of the best bass resources in North America.

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The self proclaimed BassMaster

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