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The man himself and the two pups

Buck Taylor, a noted Outdoor writer wrote, 'If I had gone to New Brunswick first, I could have saved a lifetime of travelling around the globe looking for the perfect placce to hunt and fish.

Black Bear    White-Tailed Deer

New Brunswick has become a popular place for sports persons who enjoy outdoor activities and seek white-tailed deer, moose, bear, and various birds. Healthy game populations make the area around Palfrey Lake a true paradise for hunters.

White-Tailed Deer    Black Bear

The average white-tailed deer weighs in at 175-200 lbs for bucks and around 120 lbs for does. The largest trophy buck taken at the Lodge, weighed 267 pounds.

White-Tailed Deer    White-Tailed Deer

The average bear weighs 150-200 lbs. The largest bear scaled in at 425 pounds (dressed). Bear hunters at Palfrey Lake Lodge show an excellent percentage of success. The bear hunt package includes guaranteed active baits, guide, transportation to and from stands, and skinning and freezing hides. Please remember to bring your own seat!

Bear with a Bow

Bear with a Bow

Hunting for bird is very popular here at Palfrey Lake, and we provide registered guides and hunting dogs.

Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting


Coyotes    Troy and the devil Moose

Black Bear    Solid Proof

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